Why did EMORA's soap choose not to be packaged?

After the soap is released from the mold, it needs to go through a 45-60 day drying period. For handmade soaps using natural essential oils, the most inevitable thing is that the scent of the oils will evaporate because of the time they are in contact with the air. This is something that most consumers care about, how can soap not have a healing scent?

The best way to store handmade soap is in a cool, dry place, out of direct sunlight. In Taiwan, the weather is humid and in order to effectively insulate the soap from airborne moisture, it is difficult to take into account the full range of packaging, for example

Use paper packaging, the soap's oil will stain the paper, and the smell will evaporate.

The packaging is made of waterproof kraft paper: the effect of air insulation can not be very good, especially our main organic shape of soap.

In order to effectively insulate the air and prevent the smell from evaporating, we chose to vacuum pack the soap for the first six months, but this inevitably resulted in plastic waste.

After 2022, EMORA wanted to make a more conscious decision towards sustainability, so we searched the vacuum packaging industry in Taiwan to find biodegradable vacuum packaging.

Almost all of the plastic factories hit a brick wall, and finally a veteran plastic salesman explained to me that the so-called eco-friendly plastic bags are relatively thin and must be in a specific environment to decompose.

For the demand of vacuum packaging, there is no technology that can be made environmentally friendly.

As such, EMORA wanted to introduce plastic-free packaging and sell it as bare soap.

Before selling, we collectively pack the soaps in large home vacuum bags (reusable) according to their scent. The soaps are then removed after the customer has placed an order and shipped in bamboo and linen travel pouches.

You may be wondering how to store the soaps without packaging.

It's actually quite simple!

  • Store in an airtight food container or glass jar, and then store in a cool place.
  • Reusable plastic bags for storage.
  • You can also vacuum your own vacuum bags at home, and they can be reused (the way we use them most often).

Just one more small action at home, we can implement the plastic reduction plan together.