Moving Toward the SDGs

Sustainable Development Goals (UN)

In early 2022, we will embark on a spectacular tour of the European countries. During the trip, I was fascinated and healed by the magnificent natural environment and the animals that live in the vast grasslands. I decided to make a conscious choice to continue the beauty of the land, whether in production or consumption, by cherishing the earth's resources.

Our Head Office

Open the studio in Taichung

In addition to designing and making clothes, the brand also added homemade natural handmade soap items to create a lifestyle store.

EMORA was born

EMORA crafts timeless clothing pieces that embody classic elegance. Our designs transcend borders, embrace inclusivity and resonate with individuals across generations.  

We inspires you to embrace your imperfections, your uniqueness, your curves, and your personal journey. 


A good travel companion

A good travel companion

The other day we brought some UV resistant, moisture wicking and water repellent clothing to Bali, where the temperature was over 32 degrees and th...

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