From clothing studio to life style selections

Initially, the brand was based in Taipei, the capital of Taiwan, where it conducted online sales and custom-made services by appointment.
In 2021, he decided to return to his hometown due to his family's physical discomfort.
In the same year, when the epidemic was on alert level 3, I established a studio. I hope to share my style selections other than clothing in the studio to add more art and culture to the Dajia district.

Emora not only represents a clothing brand, but also represents a spiritual taste of life.
That's what Emora stands for: Embrace your aura.


The entire studio interior, furniture, mirrors, etc., were all hand-nailed and decorated by myself and my father.

This area of more than 200 pings used to be a wood carving factory that emphasized feng shui in the Ajo era. Looking down from the air, the foundation of the building resembles a cloth bag, and the largest part of the bag is a water pond, which was originally prepared as a reservoir to prevent the wood carving factory Zhu Rong. The building also has many special details built for feng shui.

After the death of our ancestors, the traditional large-scale wood carving industry also declined, and the building and the water pond facilities were abandoned for more than ten years.

In recent years, my parents have spent nearly five years organizing the land, preserving the traces of history without demolishing the building, and operating a cultural space with a cultural heritage.

In the nearly century-old building, the parents have combined dining, tea, design, wood carving, art and natural areas, and the EMORA Select space is a newly erected high-ceilinged room directly above the pond with a view of the koi and turtles roaming in the pond, allowing customers to enter the space and feel the comfort and relaxation of a small life.


The Emora Select area not only has a variety of Taiwanese designers' works, but also has design workers creating works inside, allowing customers to participate in the inspiration of the works, the warm production process, and the visual presentation of the story concept. Upon entering, there is a large floor-to-ceiling window facing out to the fish pond and the landscape, creating a slow, relaxing and comfortable atmosphere.


The dry rattan wood hanging from the top is similar to Chinese cursive calligraphy, which is continuous and free, and the different heights of the hanging increase the interaction between the field and the viewer.

The visual design of the store is based on the perspective of exhibition design, so that customers do not enter the store and feel that it is a "store".

In addition to Emora's apparel expertise, this year Emora is also developing a product that heals the three senses
The essential oil soap is a product that heals the three senses: sight, smell and touch, and brings beauty to the details of life.

From clothing to accessories, care, art and lifestyle objects, the taste comes from all the details of life.
Emora Select has positioned itself as a complex narrative selection store, with different objects organizing their style and attitude towards life. Emora Select is a store that shares the stories and products that Emora identifies with, and does not seek to be all-encompassing, but only to share quality lifestyle products.

I was so impressed by the quote I read in the book that it changed the perspective of my choices, and I began to look for more meaning and stories in my shopping experience, inspiring more inspiration in my life.

"An elegant life requires effort in every little detail that makes up your life, and making every choice carefully."

Elegance is not simply elegance. The word Elegance is derived from the Latin word "Eligere".

The word means "to make a choice with one's heart and soul," describing a state of life where one needs to make choices without all the clutter and take away only the best parts.

So an elegant person is someone who puts more effort into choosing the right essentials in life, rather than just spending a lot of money on designer items.