A good travel companion

Apart from beauty, the key to travel clothing is lightness and convenience.


The other day we brought some UV resistant, moisture wicking and water repellent clothing to Bali, where the temperature was over 32 degrees and the rainy season was in full swing.



No matter what material you wear, you're bound to sweat in the sweltering heat.

But functional clothing will definitely increase the comfort of wearing it.



The moisture wicking effect is that the garment dries quickly when it gets wet.

UV resistant fabric is a physical sunscreen that eliminates the need for sunscreen and makes your skin more breathable.



Water-repellent clothing can be useful in the afternoon when it is raining lightly, as the rain droplets will slide off the fabric and prevent or delay the wetting of your clothes.
Of course, you'll need an umbrella for heavy rain.



It's always nice to see a more practical demonstration of pragmatism on every trip.


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