Abstract botanical print wave hat


The Emora reversible wave hat version 2.0 has an exclusive streamlined design on the brim, making it easier to carry in your bag.

The hood is designed to protect the face from the sun and also to reveal the femininity and softness of the woman.

The print is in association with Cinyee Chiu and is all about abstract botanical imagery.

Cinyee Chiu is a Taiwanese illustrator with a sustainable lifestyle. She studied at the Institute of Applied Illustration at the Maryland Institute College of Art in the United States and was awarded the New York Gold Medal for Illustration. Cinyee's style is mysterious and healing, natural and warm, and the most common elements in her work are plants, animals and other elements of nature.

This year, Cinyee is invited to participate in a joint collection of prints that takes us on a journey through an abstract garden of dreams through her creative brushwork and perspective. The abstract, hand-painted natural textures of plants are applied to the prints with a minimalist yet personalised uniqueness.

Some scholars have discovered that flowers have mysterious spiritual powers. Its energy can help people to regulate their emotions and achieve a balanced state of well-being, joy and ease. When flowers are used in a garment, both the wearer and the viewer can find the warmth and the power to stabilise the body and mind in the pure lines of nature.

Main fabric material: printed surface 100% polyester

Main fabric function: 99% antibacterial / 99% UV resistant

Printed ink is OEKO-TEX certified, safe and non-invasive.

Mango yellow fabric material: 91% polyester 9% spandex

Mango yellow fabric function: water repellent

Design details:

Exclusive streamlined design with different front and brim designs

Logo embroidery

The front brim has a wave-like shape
All-round flawless sun protection

S: Head circumference 55-56cm
M: Head circumference 57-58cm
L: Head circumference 59-60cm


EMORA made from Taiwanese women.

We are currently working with a number of Taiwanese women sewers and are working towards SDGs.

We have agreed on mutually acceptable working conditions before working together, respecting professionalism and equality in women's lives. They can work in their own homes, take care of their families, and have flexibility in their time, while still being able to develop their professional careers.

1. GOAL #5: Achieve gender equality and empower women

Gender equality is not only a basic human right, but also a necessary foundation for a peaceful, prosperous and sustainable world. After the traditional factories moved out, a large number of female sewing masters were unemployed for a long time, so we visited a number of masters and worked together to build a women-owned brand.

2.GOAL #8: Promote inclusive and sustainable economic growth and a good job for all

Sustainable economic growth requires a socially created environment in which people have quality jobs. We respect the needs and wages of women teachers with families, and negotiate work conditions that are acceptable to both parties.

3. GOAL #12: Promote a green economy and ensure sustainable consumption and production patterns

Responsible production and consumption is our theme.

4. GOAL #13: Complete mitigation actions to address climate change and its impacts

Carbon dioxide affects global warming, and we use Taiwan's local production to reduce the carbon footprint of long-haul transportation.

Before buying, please check the size Guide and contact customer service if you have any questions. We only provide exchange service once.

EMORA's fabrics are mainly functional fabrics, such as: anti-UV, water repellent, moisture wicking, antibacterial, ultra-lightweight, etc.

  1. Wash the light and dark colors separately to avoid mutual transfer. This product is prone to color staining due to friction, so please avoid contact with dark-colored items when wearing light colors.
  2. Please put it into a small net laundry bag of appropriate size and wash it at a low speed in order to maintain the shape of the product.
  3. When washing, please keep the water temperature below 30℃. Do not soak in hot water, there will be a large degree of shrinkage phenomenon.
  4. Always use neutral detergent; the soaking time should not be too long.
  5. Do not use bleach, fluorescent whitening agent and fabric softener to avoid damaging the fabric.
  6. Do not put wet, so as not to stain the clothes; please dehydrate weakly and gently, do not dry, so as not to shrink the clothes.
  7. After cleaning, please quickly adjust the shape of the product can be hung to dry, do not twist. For clothes with small folds on the surface, please lay them flat to dry and do not expose them directly to the sun.
  8. If you need to iron, please use a low temperature ironing cloth, the temperature should not exceed 110 ℃.
  9. When wearing, please pay attention to avoid contact friction with other things such as accessories and bags.
  10. For sweaters and special materials (such as plastic), please send to professional dry cleaning.
  11. Natural fiber fabrics, such as 100% cotton or 100% linen, are more hygroscopic, so the shrinkage rate is larger than normal materials.
  12. Special washing effect and dyestuff characteristics, the gradual fading of colors is a natural phenomenon.

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